We are an animal welfare epidemiology research group in the Dept of Animal Science at UC Davis. We conduct research in a variety of areas including low-stress handling, mitigating agonistic interactions in socially housed animals, developing strategies to reduce procedural pain and stress, and studying human-animal interactions. We conduct research with a range of animal species including companion, farmed, and laboratory animals.


Broadly, we currently have three areas of study: 1) mitigating agonism in socially housed animals, 2) examining human-animal interactions during handling and other animal procedures, and 3) improving cat welfare in the veterinary clinic.

What is animal welfare epidemiology?
Simply put, we mix animal ethology & animal epidemiology concepts, research methods, and statistics to conduct research that is focused on improving the lives of animals. We are an inherently interdisciplinary and collaborative group of researchers!

Photo: Olive

We are affiliated with the following UC Davis groups:

Center for Animal Welfare – http://animalwelfare.ucdavis.edu/

Working Anthrozoology Group – https://wag.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/

Animal Behavior Graduate Group (PhD program) – https://anb.ucdavis.edu/

Animal Biology Graduate Group (MS & PhD Programs) – https://animalbiology.ucdavis.edu/

Master of Preventative Veterinary Medicine Graduate Group (MPVM Program) – https://mpvm.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/